How to enroll in BIR eFPS

Your BIR eFPS Guide: Get enrolled and the Requirements

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) eFPS or electronic filing and payment system is the online tax payment, filling, and attachment platform that seeks to give taxpayers an easier and hassle-free tax experience.

This is also the BIR’s initiative at going green, paving the way for paperless tax filing and payment. Additionally, this is a more convenient means of paying for one’s taxes. Through the BIR eFPS, taxpayers can file and pay for tax dues without bearing the hassle of lining up in the RDO.

The online platform allows for online tax filing and payment. Filing can be done by submitting the needed requirements online. Payments can be made to duly accredited payment centers or by bank transfer and other select mobile cash apps. Bear in mind, If you’re updated with your bookkeeping, accounting, and audits, you can pay online without glitches. Here’s what you need to know to enroll in eFPS.

Benefits of Using BIR eFPS

In business or any field, time is gold. It is common knowledge that the traditional means of filing and paying taxes by going to or sending a representative to, the revenue district office (RDO) where you are registered is a time-consuming process that requires you to physically be present at the RDO. Through the eFPS, transactions are quicker and easier to carry out. You don’t waste gas, energy, and time.

Who Can Take Advantage of eFPS

Any taxpayer who is required to file a tax may use the eFPS. Fortunately, getting started with the eFPS is simple. All you need is a laptop or computer with a stable internet connection to take advantage of this virtual tax service. You will also need an email account and your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).


The following are the requirements you will need to complete your enrollment process:

– You must be registered into the BIR system and with a TIN

– You are required to submit a certificate from the company authorizing two officers to enroll and avail of the eFPS

– A letter of intent is also required stipulating the reasons for enrolling in the eFPS

– Enrollment forms

– And proof of enrollment with eFPS authorized agent banks (AAB) for use of payment systems in transactions

Steps to Enrolling Your Company in the eFPS

It may sound like a tedious process to have to enroll your company into the BIR eFPS. However, it can easily be done in a few simple steps, and online, as listed down below:


Step 1


The first thing would be to open the BIR website on your internet browser. The following browsers can support the eFPS:


– Mozilla Firefox version 40 and higher

– Google Chrome version 45 and above

– Internet Explorer version 11 or higher


You may access the BIR site at 


Step 2


Run the cursor over, and click, the eFPRS icon to be redirected to the eFPS homepage. From there, click the ‘Enroll to eFPS’ link on the homepage to get started on your application.


Step 3


You will be redirected to the enrollment form. Fill out all required fields and make sure all the details are correct to prevent any delays. Double-check and review all the information you have put in. Once you have ascertained that your form is error-free, click ‘submit’.


Step 4


Wait for the confirmation pop-up message from the eFPS. After, stand by and await the email, pertaining to your enrollment status, from the BIR. This will show you whether your application was approved or rejected. It usually takes three to ten working days for the email to be sent.


Step 5 (if approved)


If your application for enrollment is approved, you may file, pay, and carry out all other BIR-related functions on this platform. Additionally, take note of your username, password, and challenge question, as these will be used for each log-in.


Noteworthy, a separate enrollment procedure is required if you wish to transact through eFPS-AABs. 


Should you find this confusing or need assistance, don’t hesitate to give our team of CPAs a call and take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation. Although accounting and bookkeeping are our specialties, it is also our mission to help you with tax compliance. We can set this up for you and help facilitate your transactions with the BIR, including Business Registration Services. We look forward to hearing from you.