Why Your Business Cannot Survive Without a Bookkeeper

In the operation of a business, one way to maximize profits is by lessening costs. One decision that companies often make that they think will lessen their expenses is doing things themselves, including bookkeeping. While opting to DIY your books will save you from paying professional fees unless, you really know what you are doing, you are just making life a whole lot harder for you and your team. Time wasted trying to figure out the books or doing them erroneously will only cost you more than it takes to hire a pro.

The belief that not hiring a bookkeeper will save you money is simply not true. Many thriving companies have long quashed this fallacy. In fact, hiring one will save your precious time and resources while assuring your company’s financial health stays in tiptop shape. Moreover, having a pro look after your books will make it subject to fewer errors than if any regular, untrained employee were to do the job. Still not convinced? Here are all the reasons why a bookkeeper is your business’s best friend for life!

1. They know their numbers well

Bookkeeping is slightly more complex than simple notetaking and arithmetic. Apart from listing subtractions, adding, and subtracting them again, you must know under which account and normal balance each transaction should be filed under. There are lots of rules to follow, and if you are not well versed in the terminology and guidelines, it may be hard for you to do. Bookkeepers are trained to professionally carry out this work. And unfortunately, not everyone has an affinity for math. What can take a professional a few minutes to do can take you hours. 

2. Less things on your plate

One of the greatest advantages of having a bookkeeper as your business bestie is your accounts are one less thing you need to worry about. Since all your books are at the hands of a well-trained professional, you can focus your energy on other aspects of your business that need attention. The key here is leveraging time. Remember, it is a non-renewable resource, so paying for this service frees up your time. Hence, you can focus on more important matters like attending to your investors, serving clients, or improving products. 

3. Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind

A bookkeeper will keep your books organized and as free from errors as possible. This will give you peace of mind when filing your documents. This is highly beneficial when tax season comes around; as you know, everything is done right. When you have everything accounted for, you can compute the right deductibles to lower your tax dues legally. 

4. Save money in the long run

While you will have to pay the professional fees of a bookkeeper, hiring one will save you money. You will be able to save by not incurring penalties. In addition, paying outsourcing to a bookkeeper is so much easier than hiring an in-house one because you have to deal with benefits, leaves, bonuses, and the like. Most of all, having a bookkeeper help you out means you can keep everything in check. When your books and finances are in order, this means that when payday comes around, you won’t have any unhappy staff members because you can pay on time.

5. Manage goals and objectives well

With properly done financial statements, you may proceed to make more sound business decisions and create future plans for your business. These statements also allow you to begin preparing your budget for the next year. Moreover, they allow you to gauge your business’ overall performance. This will guide you in setting goals and creating objectives for the future. If you want to grow your company, having access to accurate data is vital because you need to assess if you are indeed primed to carry out your expansion plans

The Final Wrap Up

Bookkeepers are helpful for any business in a great many ways. More than just the skills and expertise they bring to the table, it is important to know that bookkeepers are people too. They can bring a lot of liveliness, organization, and motivation into your business and workspace and will be an asset to you and your team.


For best results, you may also hire a certified public accountant who may aid you in more in-depth financial analyses and provide you with business advice. If you need help getting your books in order, give us a call. We offer free 30-minute consultations.