Understanding What the BIR Open Case is All About

Have you ever received a letter from the BIR stating that you failed to file your required tax returns? This letter is known as an open case, and it serves as a reminder to business owners that they need to fulfill their tax obligations. If you’ve been in the business world for a couple of years, chances are you’re familiar with this situation. Because the BIR’s system is not infallible, and they can also make mistakes when it comes to this. Learn more about this issue below and how to handle it in case you receive a notice.

Your Responsibilities as a Taxpayer

As a business owner, one of your crucial responsibilities is to ensure that your business is registered with the BIR. This step is vital as it formalizes and legalizes your business operations. Failing to register can lead to penalties and even legal action, as it violates section 258 of the NIRC (National Internal Revenue Code) related to section 236.


Once you become a registered taxpayer, the BIR will provide you with a Certificate of Registration (COR). Your COR specifies the tax type and the frequency of tax return filing and payment.


It’s essential to fulfill all your tax obligations as a citizen, which include proper accounting and bookkeeping in order to file your correct tax return and pay the right tax dues on time.


Even if you don’t owe any taxes because your income falls under the tax threshold, it’s crucial to submit your tax return promptly. Failure to meet these obligations can result in an open case being generated in the BIR’s system. Stay compliant to avoid this, as it can be very stressful. 

Factors That Trigger a BIR Open Case?

One common trigger for the BIR’s Integrated System to generate an open case is the failure to file tax returns within the deadline. Additionally, system errors can also lead to the creation of an open case. For instance, if an authorized representative files the tax returns, but due to a technical glitch, the data fails to reach the BIR’s data warehouse.

Resolving a BIR Open Case

The only way to settle a BIR open case is by filing your tax returns and ensuring you pay your taxes, including any penalties and surcharges, in a timely manner.


You have the option to file your applicable tax returns online and make the necessary payments. If the open case was caused by a system error, you can write a letter to the BIR, explaining that you have already filed your tax return. Be sure to attach a photocopy of the relevant document as supporting evidence.


If you haven’t encountered any open cases, you can request a Certificate of No Open Case for a fee of 100 PHP, along with an additional 30 PHP for the Documentary Stamp. This certificate acts as a valuable defense in case the BIR accuses you of an open case, providing proof of your compliance as a taxpayer.

The Importance of the Certificate of No Open Case

The Certificate of No Open Case serves as your last line of defense. It’s a crucial document that proves you are a law-abiding taxpayer in case the BIR questions your status. Additionally, this certificate can be instrumental in locating your duly acknowledged tax returns from a past taxable period.


Furthermore, if you have an authorized representative handling your BIR taxes, the certificate serves as proof that you file and pay your taxes correctly.

Stay Compliant and File Your Tax Returns Promptly

Apart from meeting the deadlines for filing your tax returns, it’s essential to pay any corresponding taxes promptly. If you miss the filing deadline, the BIR’s system will generate an open case. It’s crucial to coordinate with the BIR and settle issues as soon as possible to close the case and avoid a BIR audit. Stay tax compliant and fulfill your obligations and duties as a responsible citizen.


Remember, by staying proactive with accounting, you can pay the correct tax obligations, and you can successfully resolve any open cases with the BIR and maintain a strong record as a responsible taxpayer.Resolving your BIR open case is not just about meeting your tax obligations; it’s about securing peace of mind and maintaining a positive reputation as a responsible business owner.


By promptly settling your open case and staying tax compliant, you demonstrate your commitment to ethical business practices and contribute to the growth of the economy. If you need assistance, call our accounting team for assistance. We can help you embrace your responsibilities, settle your open cases, and continue thriving as successful entrepreneurs!