The Perks of Being an Empathetic Manager

Many management gurus have openly discussed the 10/90 principle when it comes to managing staff in your business. This principle essentially describes management functions as being 10% work responsibilities and 90% empathy for the people around you. In other words, management has less to do with clerical work and more to do in dealing with people who help run your company. 

What Does This Statistics Mean For Your Business?

But does management really constitute a mere fraction of work responsibilities? Well, technical expertise is essential in any management position, or in any job for that matter. Suppose one is unable to carry out work and day to day tasks whilst demonstrating high-level competence and confidence in their work, which puts their company at a disadvantage. Remember, credentials mean nothing when you’ve got no results to speak of. More importantly, that puts the company they are working for and all its employees at a disadvantage. 


On empathy, the lack thereof will be a hindrance to the work ethic and teamwork of employees. Lack of care for your people can leave staff feeling unmotivated, underappreciated, and resentful. As a manager, you must know how to treat your staff right and monitor their responsibilities like meeting-time bound goals. It goes without saying that mutual respect shall be practiced in and out of the workplace. However, that can only happen if you are willing to be empathetic and understanding to those you manage. Remember that a manager accomplishes goals through delegation to other people.

Top 3 Perks of Implementing an Empathetic Management Approach

Here are some positive effects of implementing the 10/90 in dealing with company personnel so that you can alter and modify the way you lead your team. In turn, this assures more concrete and better results for your business. Take a look at them below:

1. Expect a happier, motivated, and more productive workforce

Being empathetic will signal to your workforce that YOU CARE. And, since the workforce is made of PEOPLE, they will appreciate that and will be more inclined to do better at their job. In most cases, companies managed by impassive and rude bosses tend to have a more unmotivated set of employees. This reduces company morale and affects business goals. 


To combat this, be nice! Make it a point to understand the needs of your team. It will pay off when you see your staff becoming more productive and more excited to work as each new day comes. This will have a tremendous impact on your company culture because when your employees are happy, they will exhibit better performance and exemplify better efficiency

2. Employees will be more creative and innovative

By being present, listening to employee concerns and connections, and doing your best to make sure their concerns are taken into consideration, you will find yourself at the helm of a more innovative and creative workforce. 


Employees will be more engaged in their work and may even volunteer to work harder and for longer periods, especially if you give them the right tools and the encouragement to do so. Remember, your employees are your best assets, so taking care of them is imperative to ensure your company’s healthy bottom line. 

3. Experience reduced conflicts and workplace tension

When you are empathetic, and if your policies reflect that, you will notice that employees will generally be a lot happier. After all, you are building better rapport and trust with everyone. As a result, this will mitigate workplace stress because everyone will not feel pressured. The latter this is a big burden to carry, and it usually leads to shorter tempers. 


Thus, proper empathy reduces the number of conflicts that arise in the workplace and minimizes whatever tension there is, making their and your work environment healthier and more inviting. With a healthy work environment, you can expect everyone to produce quality results with better team collaboration and cooperation.

The Final Wrap Up

Empathy is a powerful skill that is useful in and out of the workforce. More importantly, the ability to empathize separates the great leaders who inspire others from merely good bosses that dictate. As with everything else, though, empathy is not merely enough, and it needs to be coupled with strong technical skills as well to keep a business on track. A proper balance is key.


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