Business Registration: How to Do it in the New Normal

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See the mini guide on how to swiftly and correctly apply for business registration in this new normal setting.

How to Ensure Work Place Compliance By Knowing the Laws

Stay on top of your business games by making sure your company stays compliant with employment laws and regulations to avoid legal repercussions

Income Tax Return Compliance for Expats in the Philippines

While filing taxes can be a breeze for Filipinos, it is slightly more difficult for expatriates. There are numerous things to consider. Check them out here.

Outsourcing for Your Business: 10 Factors You Need to Consider

Here are 10 factors you need to consider on whether to outsource business processes. Perform a situational analysis to make a sound decision you won’t regret.

HR Dilemma in the PH: Employees VS Independent Contractors

Here are salient financial points that you must ponder upon and analyze when choosing if your company will hire permanent employees or independent contractors.

Choosing a Business Location: What to Consider

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You want the most buyer turn-out when choosing your business address. Take note of these key considerations when selecting your business location.

How to Apply for Work Permits in the Philippines

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A quick guide on how foreign nationals can apply for the necessary working permits in the Philippines.

5 Business & Management Skills for Establishing a Startup

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Throughout the years, entrepreneurship has become a favored career option for many people. In fact, many other have left their 9 to 5 office jobs to get their business concepts up and running. Who doesn’t want to free themselves from the shackles of a very limiting Bundy clock?  When you choose to run a business,… Continue reading 5 Business & Management Skills for Establishing a Startup

5 Crucial Considerations Before Registering Your Business

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The process of registering your business in the PH can be quite tricky, so you need to consider these requirements to avoid unnecessary headaches.

How to convert 5 person into 1 person corporation in 4 easy steps!

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Suppose you are thinking of converting your Ordinary Stock Corporation (OSC) or five-person corporation to a One Person Corporation (OPC) to simplify your operations. In that case, you can do so easily now as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released its guidelines via Memorandum Circular 27-2020. The advantages include simplified management with a single stockholder… Continue reading How to convert 5 person into 1 person corporation in 4 easy steps!