Navigating Complexities of Employee Termination in the PH

Terminating an employee is different from resignation. It’s a more nuanced process that demands both legal precision and a compassionate approach. In the Philippines, this process is governed by the Labor Code, which outlines the procedures and criteria that must be followed. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through each step, ensuring compliance… Continue reading Navigating Complexities of Employee Termination in the PH

When Can Workers Receive Final Pay After Resignation

Resigning from your job is never an easy decision to make because you will lose the stability your employment and salary provide. Apart from that, the uncertainties in the future make it an even more difficult to resign, especially if people are reliant on your income or you don’t have a new job lined up.… Continue reading When Can Workers Receive Final Pay After Resignation

Common Compliance Requirements for MSMEs this New Year

In developing nations like the Philippines, MSMEs make up a significant portion of industrial production. One of the factors contributing to economic expansion is the MSME sector, which is thought to offer significant employment opportunities. In fact, in numerous developed and developing nations around the world, the micro small and medium enterprise sector serves as… Continue reading Common Compliance Requirements for MSMEs this New Year

Requirements for Foreign Corps Before Operating in the PH 2022

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To find out the full list of processes and requirements that foreign corporations need to comply with before doing business in the Philippines, read on.

Compelling Reasons Why Many Entrepreneurs Loathe Accounting  

Check out the reasons why many entrepreneurs hate accounting. Fortunately, you can count on our accounting and tax services firm in Pasig, Metro Manila.

Silver Linings: Important Biz Lessons of the Pandemic  

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The pandemic brought on a lot of losses for enterprises, but at the same time, there is also a silver lining in lessons learned from the experience.

Learn the Difference Between Ordinary vs. Capital Assets

Taxes must be paid to properties sold in the Philippines but you have to pay corresponding dues based on capital or ordinary asset classification.

Things to Remember When Hiring Accounting and Finance Pros

If you searching for an accountant or finance specialist to help place your business on the path to success, here are three tips that you should keep in mind.

How to Start a Profitable Business as a Foreigner

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Are you a foreigner looking to do business in the Philippines? We have compiled a list of things you need to know when navigating business in our country.

How to Apply for Temporary Business Closure in the PH

Check out the eight crucial steps you need to follow in order to carry out the proper temporary closing of your business.