Securing Your CPA License Renewal in the Philippines

In the ever-evolving realm of accounting in the Philippines, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are held to rigorous standards governed by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). This governmental body serves as the gatekeeper, overseeing the issuance of CPA licenses through meticulous licensure exams. However, obtaining your license is just the beginning; maintaining your CPA status requires a crucial step: renewal.

Online Renewal: A Game-Changer Since 2018

Recognizing the need for efficiency and convenience, the PRC introduced online renewal for CPA licenses in 2018, marking a significant shift in the renewal process. The online system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering a hassle-free approach for busy professionals. The renewal process comprises two integral phases: the online application and the subsequent personal appearance for ID claiming.


To embark on your CPA license renewal journey, you must gather a few essential documents that serve as the foundation for your renewal application. These include a duly accomplished Application for Professional Identification Card (PIC), a recent 2 x 2 digitized photo in formal attire against a pristine white background, payment for the renewal fee, and, of course, evidence of earned Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units.


Here’s an interesting tidbit: Newly licensed CPAs are exempt from the CPD requirement on their first renewal cycle. It’s only on their second renewal cycle and each subsequent one that they need to complete 15 CPD units. However, for those ambitious CPAs seeking to attain Board of Accountancy (BoA) accreditation, a more substantial commitment is required, with 120 units of CPD training.

Embracing Flexibility: CPD Units and Beyond

Adding a layer of flexibility to the renewal process, until December 31, 2023, the PRC is lenient on CPD requirements. They’re accepting applications even with incomplete CPD units, acknowledging the diverse ways professionals continue their education. Moreover, the PRC credits units earned through informal learning, professional work experience, and self-directed learning.

  • Informal learning: This broad category covers learning activities undertaken at home. For instance, reading books to enhance leadership, management, and other relevant skills qualifies for CPD units.
  • Professional work experience: Beyond formal education, activities in the workplace directly related to your accounting profession contribute significantly to earning CPD units.
  • Self-directed learning: Personal initiatives such as volunteer engagements, online training, seminars, and sponsored training programs can be valuable sources of CPD units. These units are often recognized by the duly authorized CPD council.

Steps to Seamless Renewal

Embarking on your CPA license renewal journey involves a series of straightforward yet essential steps. Take note of the following: 

  1. Ensure all your requirements are ready.
  2. Visit the PRC-LERIS portal: Access the hub for online renewal.
  3. Register on LERIS: Initiate the online process.
  4. Validate your account: Ensure accuracy.
  5. Sign in: Secure entry.
  6. Fill the personal information sheet: Provide accurate details.
  7. Upload your photo: A digital professional identity.
  8. Select renewal transaction: Signal intent.
  9. Set appointment and claiming preferences: Streamline with fees.
  10. Claim your ID card: Finalize renewal.

The Legal Consequences of Neglecting Renewal

Under the scrutiny of Philippine law, practicing with an expired CPA license carries severe consequences. The gravity of this cannot be overstated. Continuing accounting professional activities without a valid license can lead to legal repercussions, including fines ranging from P 10,000 to a maximum of P 40,000. In more severe cases, individuals may face imprisonment for a duration spanning one to six years or a combination of both.

Upholding Professional Integrity: Beyond Renewal

Acquiring a CPA license is not just a milestone; it’s a testament to years of dedication, from the foundational education to the intense preparation for the board exams. However, the journey doesn’t end there; it extends to maintaining and renewing it, with renewal being just one facet of upholding your professional standing.


In regulations set by both the Board of Accountancy (BoA) and the PRC, compliance is not optional; it’s a mandate. You must be committed to ethical guidelines that define the accounting profession. This includes religiously renewing your license before its expiration date. Continuing competency, as demonstrated through fulfilling CPD requirements, is equally vital. You must actively pursue avenues for ongoing learning and growth. This commitment to professional development ensures that CPAs stay abreast of industry trends, regulations, and best practices.

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