Register Your Business Online: Use the BIR NewBizReg Portal

There has been an upsurge of entrepreneurs in the Philippines during the pandemic since Filipinos had to find a way to cope and earn a living. One of the things that helped them through the hard times is online selling. Do you belong to this list of small entrepreneurs? You need to remember though that making money means paying taxes. 


Business registration is also waving even for online businesses. If you are one of them, experts reiterate that it’s vital to think of compliance. Whether you have a small or big business, it is imperative to have it registered so you won’t have any legal problems in the future. 


If you find conventional business registration services a hassle, the BIR or Bureau of Internal Revenue has offered a new option. They have currently set up a new business registration site called ‘NewBizReg Portal’. This registration portal is a safe and convenient way for taxpayers like you to send your application for business registration to the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR and the Revenue District Office or RDO. Here are the things you need to do for online registration: 

Email the Application

Before you can register your business successfully through the portal, you need to email an application along with your complete requirements. The registration comes with a fee of 500 pesos for registration and 30 pesos for loose Documentary Stamp Tax or DST. You must pay the fee through any of the available payment channels of BIR.

Registration Requirements for Sole Proprietors, Professional, and Mixed-Income Earners:

  1. BIR Form No. 1901 (January 2018 Version)
  2. Valid ID (any government-issued ID)
    1. Make sure the Valid ID shows your name, address, and birthdate
    2. In case the ID does not show your address, make sure to prepare and submit your proof of residence or business address
    3. Upon submission of your valid ID, ensure that the information is readable and contains consistent information with the other documents submitted for application.
  3. Printed Receipt or Invoice of Clear Sample of your own Principal Receipts Invoices
    1. If you decide to print your own receipts or invoices, you should find an accredited printer who can print your receipts.
  4. Pay Required Fees
    1. 500 pesos registration fee
    2. 30 pesos Document stamp tax (DST)
    3. Once paid, submit proof of your payment
  5. Other Additional Requirements (if applicable)
    1. Transacting via a Representative
      1. SPA or Special Power of Attorney
      2. Authorized representative’s government-issued ID
    2. Certificate from DTI with your business name
    3. Work Visa for foreigners
    4. Documents for franchise
    5. Trust Agreement for Trusts
    6. Death Certificate of the deceased for an Estate that is under a judicial settlement
    7. Certificate of Authority if you are a BMBE or Barangay Micro Business Enterprise registered entity
    8. Proof of Registration to operate

Online Registration Steps

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Use BIR eServices’
  3. Click ‘Other eServices’
  4. Click the NewBizReg icon
  5. Prepare and scan the required documents in PDF format with a file size not greater than 4MB for all of the attachments in the email.
  6. Know your tax liabilities by downloading and answering the tax-type questionnaire.
  7. Scan the answered questionnaire and add it to your email attachments. 
  8. Pay the 530 pesos fee (registration and DST fee) through any BIR ePayment Channel
    1. If you have a TIN or Tax Identification Number, you may pay through any BIR ePayment Channel
    2. If you don’t have a TIN or Tax Identification Number, wait for an email instructing you when to pay or you may pay at the registrant counter at your RDO or Revenue District Office when you pick up your COR or Certificate of Registration.
  9. Attach all the necessary documents to your email and submit them to the email address of the concerned RDO.
  1. Click ‘Email Your Application’ to compose your email
  • It will open your email program.

After you have submitted and sent your email, wait for the acknowledgment receipt of your application. From the date you received an acknowledgment receipt, your application should be processed by the concerned RDO or the Revenue District Office within three working days.


You will also receive an email regarding the pick-up date of your Certificate of Registration/Authority to Print. If you want to avoid the long waiting line, you can schedule your visit for pick-up through the eAppointment System of BIR.

Seek Expert Assistance

Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, and dealing with registration and yearly renewal can be stressful and time consuming. But don’t worry, our team of experts has got you covered! In addition to our usual accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing services, our accounting firm can assist you with business registration services and yearly business permit renewal. 


We believe in making the process as easy and hassle-free as possible, so you can get back to doing what you love – running your business! Let our team of CPAs take care of the paperwork while you focus on the fun stuff like developing products or assisting clients.