How to Ensure Work Place Compliance By Knowing the Laws

If you want your business to stay alive and thriving, you must follow the rule of law. In a 2016-17 audit conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman, the auditors found out that around 47% of workplaces were noncompliant with employment laws and regulations. As a result, these businesses had to pay fines and reconcile the missing balances they had owed to their employees. The non-compliance with employment laws and regulations is not uncommon, the most frequently occurring in areas of wages, holiday pay, employee benefits, and lawfulness on employment termination.

In accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009, all non-compliance of employer workplaces will be dealt with in serious legal repercussions. This act ensures the fair treatment of the workforce as well as the security and ability of the workplace to meet standards that will benefit employees. It is there to protect the rights of all employees.

Therefore, to avoid incurring penalties, as the person at the helm of your business, you must be meticulous in ensuring the abidance of your workplace to these laws and regulations. Below is a list of all the tips you need to keep in mind to ensure your company’s compliance with employment laws and regulations.

1. Know your obligations and responsibilities as an employer

You are not just a business owner but an employer as well. So apart from basic accounting and bookkeeping, you must also worry about Payroll Services to ensure every single one of your staff is paid on time. After all, your employees are your best assets.


As such, you must be aware of your responsibility to look after the health and safety of both your clients and employees that enter the workplace. Other obligations include the following:


– Ensure your workplace follows building codes and construction laws. Additionally, your workplace should be suitable for the environment and well-maintained. include ac/ heating units, proper ventilation, good layout, etc.)


– Frequently assess the workplace for safety and health risks and take the necessary measure to mitigate and control them


– Provide equipment and machinery for your employees to use (paper, printers, computer, etc.)


– Ensure the correct Payroll Services with proper compensation of your workers given timely and correctly


– Provide your employees and new hires with training and education for them to understand their own obligations to the safety and health of their fellow employees

2. Frequently audit workplace procedures and policies

Keep open lines of communication in staff to ensure all workers understand workplace policy and procedure. Regularly audit procedures to adapt to changing times and amount of workload.


Moreover, these policies should be compliant with the Fair Work Act and Fair Work Commission guidelines. These policies should also be readily accessible to staff, so they can act in accordance. Have them printed out for everyone to read and conduct a tune-up meeting on these guidelines if there are changes.

3. Have safety management systems and accreditation

Your workforce is an asset. Keep them safe by investing in safety systems. For example, you can invest in the following safety measures:

  • Hiring security guards
  • Purchasing CCTV services
  • Using metal detectors
  • Invest in PPEs (like google, gloves, etc. if your industry calls for it)

You have to find it within your operational budget to invest in these safety precautions so your employees will feel safe working in your premises. Additionally, it is great to get your staff accredited with training related to disaster risk and reduction, first aid treatment, and the like.

4. Go beyond mere compliance

Compliance is only the bare minimum. As your workforce does a lot to uplift you and your business, they must be treated beyond compliance in return. Having a positive and happy workplace that gives employees room to move, breathe, and be themselves will do wonders for their productivity and health. Remember, happy employees perform better which will positively impact your bottom line.


Avoid being too strict with rules that they lose their creativity and desire to work. Instead, encourage team-building activities and retreats for work motivations. You may also give them bonuses during peak months where sales peak. Be kind, and that kindness will be returned. Remember, without employees; businesses will not survive!

5. Seek professional guidance and help

As always, if you need help in establishing policies that comply with employment laws and regulations, you can always seek legal advice from experts, like lawyers, business consultants, analysts, and accountants.

If you need help, contact our team of certified public accountants. We have been serving this niche for a decade and feel confident to help you with Payroll Service. Let us help you ensure your team receives the right compensation. Our auditors will also assess if your compliant with labor laws. Call us for a free 30-minute consultation.