Enhanced BIR Chatbot for RDO Inquires & Other Concerns

Have you heard of Revie? Revie, the 24/7 chatbot, was launched by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in the year 2021 to serve as a digital assistant to taxpayers who need help, whether it’s finding out their RDO code or their TIN. The name Revie is short for the last word Revenue. This AI bot was specifically made by tech specialists to assist taxpayers with general tax-related matters and inquiries. This chatbot is accessible at all times on the homepage of BIR’s website.


If you go to the BIR website, you will be able to get information on the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Revie. And if you have further questions or need explanations with the answers provided by Revie, there’s an option to chat with live agents who can give you clarification.

Enhanced Chatbot Features

The BIR worked hard and invested money to enhance its chatbot, which is part of the Bureau of Internal Revenues’ Digital Transformation Program. This program aims to improve the experience of taxpayers like you since RDO officers feel your pain every time you have to line up in the satellite office nearest you. To improve your experience on the BIR website, the team decided to add new features or channels where you can raise your inquiries, concerns, and complaints that are related to tax compliance.


Revie can assist you on matters such as registration requirements, eServices, Zonal values, and BIR forms. The enhanced BIR chatbot has three new additional features and these features are:

  • TIN verification or validation
  • RDO finder
  • eComplaint facility

The TIN verification and RDO finder are features that will help you with inquiries regarding the specific TIN assigned to you (if any) and revenue district office (RDO) you transact with. Meanwhile, the eComplaint facility will assist taxpayers who can raise their complaints against establishments that don’t issue receipts or invoices. Moreover, you can also find out about important tax deadlines on REVIE so you can avoid payment penalties or late fees.

4 Categories Found in the eComplaint Feature

Thanks to this feature online, you can lodge your concerns or complaints against tax-evading or non-compliant establishments from the comforts of home. If you see that there is a violation of the tax code provisions, such as failure to provide receipts or signages, you can raise your complaints through this feature of the enhanced chatbot.


You can even raise your concern or complaint towards an employee or personnel in the BIR. All of these can be done anonymously to protect your identity. You can submit whatever proof you have or a narrative of your experience using the eComplaint facility. The eComplaint facility is composed of four categories and these are:


  1. NO OR – the eComplaint No OR category was specifically made for when you have concerns or complaints against certain establishments or professionals who don’t issue official receipts or invoices.
  2. DISIPLINA – the eComplaint Disiplina category can be used when you have concerns or complaints regarding erring employees or personnel in the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR.
  3. RATE – the eComplaint Rate category is for your complaints or concerns regarding tax avoidance and/or tax evasion of business establishments or professionals.
  4. OTHERS – the eComplaint Others category is for your concerns or complaints on other matters related to tax. These matters include unregistered business and refusal to issue BIR Form No. 2307. It also includes the refusal to provide a 20% discount for senior citizens and for persons with disability.

Stay Proactive and Find Answers to Your Queries

If you have any concerns, inquiries or complaints for tax-related help, visit BIR’s website (www.bir.gov.ph) and get quick and convenient access to your updated tax information with Revie, BIR’s enhanced digital assistant. With Revie, you will be able to access your updated tax information in the comfort of your own home or your office. Live agents are also available for further assistance.

Further note, our website is a trusted source for comprehensive information on accounting and tax-related matters. Please note that we  provide valuable resources and insights, and currently do not process any RDO requests. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of accounting and taxation.

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