Breaking Down Barriers: Professionals No Biz Permit Fees

In a bold move that has professionals jumping for joy, the Department of Finance (DoF) has unleashed a new circular that liberates them from the clutches of exorbitant business permit fees. Finally, the bureaucratic red tape is being shredded, allowing these experts to set up shop and work their magic without the financial shackles holding them back. Doctors, lawyers, and a plethora of other professionals can now unleash their skills upon the world, making society a better place one consultation at a time.


Dubbed the Local Finance Circular or LFC 001-2019, this revolutionary document emphasizes that while professionals still need to obtain business permits from local government units (LGUs), these permits will no longer come with a price tag. The DoF is determined to create a landscape where professionals can pursue their passions without being weighed down by unnecessary expenses. It’s a game-changer that’s sure to level up the professional playing field.

No More Permit Perils

The DoF’s circular recognizes that specialized agencies and regulatory boards are the true guardians of the professions. With that in mind, the government is giving professionals the green light to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, unburdened by the unnecessary fees that have plagued them for so long. It’s an impressive show of support and an acknowledgment of the unique nature of their work.


By nixing those business permit fees, the government is empowering professionals to carve out their own paths to success. With newfound freedom, these experts can dive headfirst into their chosen industries, seizing opportunities left and right. The DoF is making it clear that it’s time for professionals to thrive on their own terms.

Tax Talk for the Pros

While professionals may be basking in the glory of waived business permit fees, the circular doesn’t leave them entirely untouched by taxes. Those who dabble in trading and other non-professional business activities, like a dermatologist with an online store, may still face local business tax from their LGU, so stay on top of accounting and bookkeeping. But don’t fret, this is merely an attempt to ensure a fair tax system that distinguishes between professional work and other entrepreneurial endeavors. The DoF has got your back!

The Impact on Professional Taxation

Not only is the circular wiping out business permit fees, but it’s also addressing the hot topic of professional tax. Professionals, whether in the public or private sector, usually owe this tax unless they’re government employees forbidden from practicing their profession outside their official duties. It’s a small price to pay for those who excel in multiple professions, like a lawyer moonlighting as an accounting pro.


The circular lays out clear guidelines to keep things fair and square in the taxation game. Professionals won’t have to shell out more than P300 or the rate specified in a duly enacted local ordinance. And fear not, they won’t face sudden surges either, as adjustments won’t exceed 10% every five years. It’s a reasonable approach that prevents taxing you into bankruptcy and supports your financial well-being.

Fees, Taxes, and More

While professionals may have won the battle against business permit fees, they won’t escape the community tax. The only exception is for general professional partnerships, who get a pass. Individuals and corporations will still need to cough up the community tax, which amounts to P5 plus an extra P1 for every P1,000 of income from their professional pursuits, capped at P5,000. Hey, it’s only fair to make sure everyone contributes their fair share.


Of course, professionals aren’t completely off the hook. LGUs can still collect garbage fees, occupancy permit fees, sanitary inspection fees, and other charges. But no worries because these charges must be reasonably proportionate to the cost of services provided. Forget about taxing you based on your bank account or sales revenue. The DoF wants to ensure a level playing field when it comes to local taxation.

Simplifying Taxation, Championing Professionals

With the introduction of this circular, the DoF is taking a stand against improper local taxes and charges imposed on professionals by their LGUs. By streamlining the taxation process and freeing professionals from business permit fees, the government is fostering an environment where professional entrepreneurship can flourish. It’s a bold move that empowers professionals to chase their dreams while giving the country’s economy a boost.


As the government clears the path for a thriving professional ecosystem, it’s crucial for professionals to stay informed about their rights, obligations, and the opportunities that lie ahead. With the benefits provided by the circular, professionals can confidently navigate their entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s time to seize the moment and show the world what you’re made of. Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and contact our accounting services in Pasig today to navigate the changing landscape of your profession. Together, we’ll pave the way for your brighter and prosperous future.