BIR Registration Process: An In-Person and Online Guide

You must be registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), regardless of business type. Once registered, you will receive a Certificate of Registration (COR), Authority to Print, and Books of Account. These documents are vital for the legitimacy and security of your business. 


Again, BIR registration is mandatory no matter the size or type of your business. By ensuring you have the required documents and submitting them promptly, you can expedite the process, with applications typically processed within 3-5 business days. Learn more about this below: 

The Registration Process:

The process may seem daunting but you have nothing to fear when you are prepared with the necessary documentary requirements. You can also seek business registration services from an accounting firm to avoid any delays in processing. 


The essential requirements: 


For Sole Proprietor: 

  1. BIR Form 1901
  2. Any official government-issued ID
  3. BIR receipt or invoice, or sample of principal receipts
  4. BIR Registration fees of Php 500 and Documentary stamp fee of Php 30 


For Partnership or Corporation:

  1. BIR Registration Form 1903 
  2. Securities and Exchange Commission Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Recording
  3. Articles of Partnerships or Articles of Incorporation
  4. BIR Registration fees of Php 500 and Documentary stamp fee of Php 30 


Other documents you will need to submit if applicable include the following:

  1. DTI Certificate
  2. Work Visa for Foreign Nationals
  3. Franchise Agreement and Documents if you’re setting up a franchise business
  4. A Certificate of Authority if you are registered as a Barangay Micro Business Enterprise
  5. Memorandum of Agreement for Joint Ventures
  6. A Special Power of Attorney if you are transacting through a Representative, as well as any government-issued ID of said representative
  7. Proof of Registration or a Permit to Operate from the Board of Investment, Bases Conversion Development Authority, Philippine Export Zone Authority, or Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

Applying for Registration through the BIR Revenue District Office

Once you have finished compiling all the requirements, you may proceed with submitting them to the Revenue District Office which has jurisdiction over your business address. You can find your RDO by checking your BIR forms. Alternatively, you may check by contacting BIR at 8929-7676 or 8981-7000


Once you have submitted your documents, the next few things to do are as follows:


  1. Pay all registration fees, including the annual registration fee, the documentary stamp tax, and the certification fee. You may be asked to pay for this at an authorized agent bank accredited by your Revenue District Office.


  1. Await further notice from the BIR that your Form 2303 or Certificate of Registration is ready.


  1. Once you have received your certification, you will be asked and required to complete the Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices. To do so, you will need a BIR Form 1906 to register your books of accounts. You will also need to attend the taxpayer’s initial briefing. 

Applying for Registration through the Online Portal

Not everyone has the luxury of time to process things at the Revenue District Office. If you find that this is you and that processing via a business registration services representative is not feasible either, you may conduct this process online through the NewBizReg Portal. 


The system allows you to send all necessary documents through email. Do note; however, that processing is still manual and will be conducted in 3 to 5 working days as well. At least, with this portal in place, you no longer have to physically line up to submit your documents. Check these steps:


  1. Open the portal and click “User BIR eServices” and afterward click on “other services” and then click the NewBizReg icon


  1. Have scanned copies of all necessary documents not exceeding a total file size of 4MB of all attachments ready, the documents required for the online submission are just the same as the ones for an in-person application


  1. Download then answer the tax-type questionnaire


  1. Scan the filled up tax type questionnaire to upload as an attachment to your email


  1. Pay the registration fees through an authorized accredited bank or through accredited ePayment channels


  1. Attach necessary documents in the email and submit them to the appropriate RDO email, clicking “Email Your Application”


  1. Await an acknowledgment receipt of your application from the BIR


  1. After receiving your acknowledgment receipt, wait for the BIR to email you your Certification pick-up date.

Registering your business is not just important; it’s essential! By doing so, you can avoid penalties and legal troubles, access financial services more easily, and build a solid and reputable business. Moreover, your registration allows you to contribute to society by supporting government services through your. Don’t delay, ensure compliance with our accounting firm’s assistance. Together, let’s unlock a world of opportunities for your business and community!