BIR RDO Code: What Does It Mean and Why It Matters?

Ever tax payer is assigned a Revenue District Office or RDO. It is a sector performing under the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR. It has a very important function as it is responsible for keeping the records of taxpayers under its jurisdiction. Just like your Tax Identification number or TIN, you are only assigned one RDO Code. To this day, the BIR is not centralized so keeping documents in order with the right code is vital.


Moreover, RDOs also provide many tax functions. You may be very familiar with your RDO because of its frontline services like processing of the TIN or Tax Identification Number registration, business registration, and card issuance. On top of that, they perform BIR audits and investigations should there be any issues with compliance. Thus, you must learn more about the RDO code here and find out how you can figure out the specific one assigned to you.

Why is it important to know where you are registered?

The BIR has more than a hundred Revenue District Offices in the Philippines. Even with that high number of RDOs present in the country, again every taxpayer is assigned to just one office. Since BIR registration records are decentralized, staying organized through the code is crucial.


Because every RDO keeps its records of its registered taxpayers, you can only access your information and transact with the office you’re currently registered with. That’s why it’s important for you to know where you are registered and the RDO’s corresponding code for your BIR transactions. Knowing the code will make your accounting and bookkeeping of documents a lot easier.

What does the RDO Code stand for?

This is a three-digit code that can be numeric or alphanumeric. It is assigned to each Revenue District Office in the Philippines. These codes are used to:

  • Track the amount of taxes collected within a region
  • Record and process tax returns
  • Accept remitted tax payments
  • Receive withholding tax
  • Process registration
  • Deal with audits

This code is important when taxpayers like you fill out any tax forms since it is required for every transaction you have with the BIR.

How will you know your RDO Code?

If you already have a TIN but you don’t know or you can’t remember it, there are 3 different ways you can retrieve or verify your RDO code. 


1. Check BIR Form 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, or 1905

Find the copy of the BIR Forms you filled out while you were applying for a TIN. Look at your accounting or bookkeeping files to check past returns.


BIR Form 1901 is for the self-employed individuals, BIR Form 1903 is for the Corporate taxpayers, and BIR Form 1904 is for individuals who are one-time taxpayers and registered individuals under EO 98.


BIR Form 1902 is for employees and if you are an employee, you can make a request to get a copy of your BIR Form 1902 from the HR department that handled your TIN registration.


BIR Form 1905 is for those who have filed for an RDO transfer. So, if you previously filed for transfer, find your updated RDO code on your BIR Form 1905.


If you have successfully found your BIR form, you will be able to find your RDO code at the upper right of the Form.


2. Get in Touch with BIR Agents Via the Hotline

Another way to recover or retrieve your RDO code is by contacting the BIR hotline. You can inquire about it by calling their Customer Assistance Division. For security reasons, BIR will provide your RDO code over a phone call rather than via email. When you call them, you will have to say your full name, your TIN, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, and many other details to ensure and verify your identity.


The following are the numbers you can call when you need to know or retrieve your RDO code:

  • 8538-3200
  • 8981-7478
  • 8981-7479
  • 8981-7452
  • 8981-7003
  • 8981-7046
  • 8981-7040
  • 8981-7030
  • 8981-7020
  • 8981-7419


3. Personally Visit the RDO

Taking time out of your schedule to visit the nearest RDO may not be the most inconvenient of the three methods, but it is also the best option if you can’t get through the BIR hotlines or aren’t sure even if you find old BIR forms. 

You may go to any RDO and request a TIN verification slip. Fill out the necessary information such as your full name, birth date, and address. Take note that if you are a married woman because you must indicate your full maiden name.


Once done with filling out your slip, present it to the BIR officer. The BIR officer will stamp it and will indicate your TIN, RDO code, and the location of your RDO.


If you have any concerns, inquiries or complaints for tax-related help, visit BIR’s website ( and get quick and convenient access to your updated tax information with Revie, BIR’s enhanced digital assistant. 

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