BIR Form 1905: How to Transfer Your Revenue District Office

Suppose you plan to go full time into your professional practice, freelance, or small business management and ownership work; good on you! You are now your own boss, and with that comes the responsibility of transferring your Revenue District Office (RDO) from your previous employer to your new RDO (where you conduct your business).


It may seem kind of daunting and scary to have to transfer something with the BIR. However, fret not because this process is quick and easy. It becomes even simpler, especially if you the big move using the BIR Form 1905. If you’re still not sure, don’t worry. We have got you covered with our Business Registration Services


If you want more information, here are all the steps you need to take note of when transferring to a new RDO.

Steps on How to Transfer Your RDO

Step1: Find out which RDO your Tax Identification Number (TIN) is in


The first step is to find out which Revenue District Office is holding your TIN. This will likely be in the same RDO as your previous employer’s. To confirm, you may contact your old employer’s Human Resource Department or phone the BIR Contact Center at the hotlines 981-7003, 981-7020, 981-7040, or 981-7046. 


If in case they are unable to help, or if the phone lines are busy, you may also go to the RDO directly and make an inquiry. You can seek help from someone who offers Business Registration Services if you don’t have the time to do it independently. All RDOs have access to the TIN database. An RDO officer may run a search and instantly look up your TIN.


Step 2: Download and fill up BIR form 1905


The next step would be to download the BIR form 1905 online. You may find this form on the BIR website. The form will require:


Part 1: Fill up

– TIN Number

– RDO Code

– Contact Number

– Registered Name


Part 2:

– Locate section 7

– Tick Field 7 B or “Change Registered Address”

– OR you may tick the box that states “Transfer of Home RDO”, after which you will write the new address.

– If you are going to transfer within the same RDO but a different address, tick the box that states “Transfer within the same RDO”, then write your address, zip code, and tel. Number.


Part 3:

– Sign the form over your name in print

– Place your official title or input “taxpayer”


Step 3: Bring the forms to the OLD RDO


Bring your signed and filled-up forms to your old RDO. Your Business Registration Services team can help iron this out for you. After your OLD RDO receives all the necessary documents, they will work out the transfer of your TIN and details to the NEW RDO.


Step 4: Wait for the Results


The transfer process usually takes around  5 to 10 business days for verification. From there, you can work with the NEW RDO.

Important Considerations to Remember

This is not the only form you need to accomplish to set up your business or practice. After filling this form and transferring RDOs, you will then need to fill up Form 1901, get some of your books stamped, acquire a BIR accredited receipt, and get your Certificate of Registration.


In addition, when you bring your form to the OLD RDO, the BIR staff might request a valid ID to verify your identity. It is also advisable to bring your own pen with you. Moreover, if you are unable to print the forms, visit any RDO as they may have available forms on hand. These are all free of charge. 

Seek Assistance for Swifter Results

If all these details sound confusing, complex, and time-consuming, you can always have someone process the paperwork and facilitate the transactions on your behalf. Our team of CPAs and field workers is ready to assist you with Business Registration Services. 


We have the expertise to help you facilitate the process so you can be done swiftly without any hassles. Our team can also help with BIR problems and solutions to ensure you are tax compliant. Apart from the usual guidance on accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing, we can also help you out with Payroll Services. So don’t hesitate to give us a call as we give free 30-minute consultations.