A Mini-Guide to Understanding SSS and Navigating It Online

The Philippine Social Security System is a social insurance program and retirement plan that provides pension, through membership plans, to all actively paying members. It is usually required to be paid for by all regularized employees as it will reflect on the company payroll.


All business owners are mandated to pay a portion of their regular employee’s contribution. This is mandated by law, so failure to comply will result in penalties and legal repercussions. In this article, understand what are the benefits of the SSS program, find out how you can apply for a number, and learn how to pay your contributions online.

Benefits of SSS

1. P.E.S.O Fund


The SSS Personal Equity and Savings Option (PESO) Fund acts as a savings or investment fund. The fund is optional but may be availed of to enable higher pension schemes by paying higher monthly contributions than the regular SSS contribution rates.


2. Employee’s Compensation Program


Employee’s Compensation programs automatically provide coverage to all employee SSS members.


3. Disability Benefit


Should you procure any injury leading to disability, develop a disability, or have a disability, you are entitled to receiving a disability benefit either in a lump sum or monthly increments.


4. Other benefits include:

a) Sickness Benefit

b) Funeral Benefit

c) Maternity Benefit

d) Death Benefit

e) Retirement Benefit

f) Salary Loans

How to Apply for an SSS Number Online

Applying for an SSS number online is quick and easy. All you need to do is prepare the necessary requirements for submission to the online portal. This includes:


1. One primary document:

a) Birth Certificate

b) Driver’s License

c) Passport

d) Baptismal Certificate

e) Professional Regulated Commission PRC Card

f) Seaman’s Book


2. Two Secondary documents (only if no primary document is available):

a) Bank account passbook

b) Birth/ Baptismal Certificate of Children

c) Marriage Certificate (if married)

d) Company ID

e) Health or Medical Card

f) Credit Card

g) NBI Clearance

h) Senior Citizen Card

i) Transcript of School Records

j) Voter’s card/ affidavit


Do note that for married individuals, a copy of a marriage contract must be submitted. Once you have all the requirements, you may proceed with the online application process.


1. Visit the SSSS online portal and complete the required regions on the form.

2. After submission of the form, a link will be sent to your email. Click this link and fill out the second form.

3. After filling out the second form, click “generate SS Number.”

4. Print your personal Record Form, SS Number Slip, and SSS Number Application Confirmation email.

5. Bring these forms to the nearest SSS branch together with the required documents.

How to Register to SSS Online

All online payments of contributions must be paid for through the SSS website using your SSS online account. To register for said account, follow these steps:


1. Visit the SSS web page

2. Click the “Not Registered”

3. Fill out all the required fields

4. Click the register button

How to Make Contributions Online

Before making contributions, you must first find out how much it is that you will need to pay. Contributions usually cost a fixed percentage of your income. Additionally, payment schemes and deadlines will vary across the kind of work you do, whether regularized, self-employed, or a voluntary member. Note that payment deadlines are also determined by your HR number, so do confer with your HR department. You may also visit the SSS info page to find out more about the contribution rates.


Once you have determined how much you need to contribute, you may now proceed to payment. You may carry out transactions through OTC or over-the-counter measures like through SSS accredited banks, SSS teller counters, SM business centers, Bayad Centers, and the PHL Post Office. However, you may just opt to pay online as it is easier.


Online Payment process:


Payment through Bancnet


BancNet is the preferred mode of online payment for its security. To pay,

  1. Log on to the BancNet website
  2. Register
  3. Select the bank of your ATM card
  4. Click ‘payments’
  5. Click SSS as your preferred institution
  6. Input your SSS number along with the month and year
  7. Select your account type
  8. Enter the contribution amount, the ATM pin, and then click ‘submit’

Other Payment Channels: UnionBank and Coins.ph


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