5 Clever Ways to Amplify Revenue for Your Small PH Business

As a business owner or manager, one of your key roles is maximizing business assets and resources to increase and reach optimal revenue. Staying lucrative is the only way to ensure the success of your business. To make sure you can accomplish this goal, you must do your best to improve your current operations and to try and expand the company.


There are multiple ways to spur up the revenue of your business through marketing strategies and advertising. But there is also a lot more to it. You can also check your accounting and bookkeeping to see you can cutback on any losses. If you are looking to boost revenue but are not quite sure where to begin, here are some tips to lead you on your journey to successful business growth and expansion.

1. Assess Your Current Financial State

The best and most simple way to go about increasing company revenue is to assess your company’s financial state. Seek out your accountant for an audit or refer to your accounting books. From there, reevaluate all your business expenditures. See which expenses are taking a toll on your business’ financial health and can be redirected to better uses. An efficient use of resources leads to good revenue.


To start, you can look at your business’ variable expenses. These are usually miscellaneous items. You may reduce such or cut them off entirely. You can then funnel the money that would be spent on variable expenses into more productive things, like marketing services, etc.


It is also important to reevaluate the acquisition of your business supplies and the cost of raw materials. Always review your contracts with your suppliers and compare them to current market prices to see if you are getting the best price and value. Keep your official receipts as supporting evidences for your tax deductibles.

2. Make Sure to Implement Good Marketing Strategies

Good marketing strategies entice customers and spur them to make inquiries. More customers mean more item or service sales. More sales mean more revenue. In business, you will have to pay and invest for things that will matter in the long run. Marketing is one that’s indispensable.


It is vital that you get a good marketing strategy to help you stay connected to your client base and potentially expand it. Consider opening up or improving your social media presence. This means establishing accounts and investing in ads. If your budget permits, consider seeking professional help as ad agencies are equipped with the skills to provide you with revenue-increasing marketing strategies.

3. Look to Expand Your Customer Based

Effective marketing strategies include market expansion. This means increasing the number and kind of people you want to gain access to your products or services. You can do this by adding complementary services to existing services and products. Say you own a spa. Offer a combination of foot spa and foot scrub to entice customers. If you own a clothing retail store, offer free pant-tapering or alterations.


You can also expand your market by extending your geographic market. This means engaging in campaigns in specific localities. Another great option is to join Pop-up events in other towns to introduce your products to the locals.


Lastly, you can venture into cooperative marketing strategies. Partner up with different businesses to introduce their customers to your products. These are not the only ways, but they are a great place to start growing your customer base.

4. Update Your Payment Channels

In an ever-evolving world where technology is advanced, one way to stifle your business growth is by keeping out of the loop. It is important that you keep up with current trends, especially changes in payment channel preferences. These days, most customers prefer contact-less payment, especially amid the pandemic. Consider allowing transactions through payment apps, like PayMaya, G-cash, or allowing credit and debit card payments if you don’t already.


Also, consider partnering with product delivery and payment platforms supported by accredited banks. Grab, FoodPanda, SM app, and other store apps are great places to start. Alternatively, you can also craft your own payment channels on your company website.

5. Host Sales and Give Coupons

Nothing entices a customer like a flashing red sales sign and coupons. Sales and coupons are established ways to generate client purchases and grow your business revenue. This is because your customer’s purchasing power is increased, making them more likely to buy more. Moreover, they are connoted to be shrouded in a sense of urgency, enticing your customers to buy now before the items are gone. 


By implementing various marketing strategies and looking into your business’ financial situation, especially the expenses, you will be given a glimpse of areas where you can earn and save money. From there, you keep a more focused eye on investments that will make your business grow. If you need assistance, take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation.