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Uy, Nicolasora, and Associates Co established ACCOUNTAHOLICSPH to provide FREE resources to ensure you are equipped with the right knowledge to manage your business.

Aside from offering one of the best tax, accounting, and audit services for both foreign and local enterprises, we aim to provide timely and accurate tax, accounting, and other relevant business updates.
Companies must LEARN, GROW, and THRIVE
Our mission is to empower all kinds of enterprises through timely and accurate tax and accounting information. Knowledge is power and it’s the only way you can learn, grow, and thrive in complex and forever-evolving environments.
the Extended Arm of UNA
With the advent of the internet, information is right at your fingertips. We gave birth to ACCOUNTAHOLICSPH to empower you with the most updated information. As UNA’s central knowledge hub, you can make informed decisions for your organization.
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Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises through timely and accurate tax and accounting information so they can learn, grow, and thrive in complex environments.
Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises through timely and accurate tax and accounting information so they can learn, grow, and thrive in complex environments.
Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises through timely and accurate tax and accounting information so they can learn, grow, and thrive in complex environments.
Every day is an opportunity to learn something new for your business.
With the right information, you can make wise decisions that will make your business grow.
By committing to lifelong learning, you can thrive!

Be humble. Be teachable. And always be learning.

Our Services

Our team is committed to providing all our clients’ superior services. This specialized team is comprised of accountants, auditors, tax specialists, and industry experts that offers year-round services. Everyone collaborates to ensure that clients’ needs are met with the best of our abilities. 

Accounting Services

Our flexible accounting services covers various accounting functions which our clients can opt to outsource all or just a portion depending on their needs.

Audit and Assurance Services

Our audit and assurance services include internal audit, external audit, compilation, review and other agreed upon procedures.

Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

Our team will assist corporations and individuals in the preparation and filing of accurate and timely tax returns with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to ensure full compliance with tax laws and reporting requirements.

Business Registration Services

We assist clients in registering their new business from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) .

Payroll Services

We provide secure payroll services that include standard payroll calculations, bonuses and incentives computation, payslip generation and distribution, statutory compliance, and leave management.

Management Consultancy Services

Do you want to improve your organization’s performance? Do it right with the help of UNA’s team of management experts. With our wealth of experience and strong networks, we ensure everything is done correctly, assuring you can maximize your resources. Having the right people at the helm assures seamless daily operations, best performance, and increased productivity.


Trust that you can count on us when you need guidance on tax, accounting, audit, systems, and procedures. With a wealth of public and private accounting experiences, our UNA team of subject matter experts are ready to assist you.


We aim to provide you timely and accurate tax, accounting, audit and other related information to equip you as you manage your business.

As the central knowledge hub of Uy, Nicolasora and Associates Co. (UNA), ACCOUNTAHOLICSPH makes it easier for business owners/entrepreneurs to navigate through their business through expert information and insights, straight from Uy, Nicolasora and Associates’ experienced finance and accounting professionals.
Accounting and Tax Services in the Philippines


No matter what industry, our experienced team is here to help. Our services are not limited to Filipinos alone. We are proud to say we have a broad range of foreign clients serving different industries. We have clients coming from the following countries: Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Singapore.


Our team also offer services for specialized fields like energy, mining, gaming, and the like.


Restaurants are tricky because every single day is different. Hence, our team conducts a thorough audit to ensure that every raw ingredient is accounted for. This also includes supplies from table napkins to dish washing soap. We thoroughly review receipts, as well as the data generated by the POS, to ensure there are no missing stocks or money that's unaccounted for.

Real Estate and Development

We conduct reviews on contracts of real estate developers. On top of that, we track the capitalization of expenses and outline the process of revenue recognition. Our commitment to understanding our clients' needs is paramount, so we also conduct on-site visits. The proof of our expertise in this niche is seen in our clients like condos, villages, business parks, and even malls.

Lending and Financing

Auditing of lending and financing institutions necessitates years of experience. It requires knowledge of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Laws and Manual of Regulations for Financial Institutions. Learning these parameters involve tedious nitty-gritty, and we are proud to say that our team constantly updates their knowledge base to keep up with the changing rules and regulations for compliance. Our team coordinates well with our loans, non-banking, and investment house clients for accuracy in monitoring and recording.


From small to large-scale manufacturers, we help these companies thrive amid a dynamic environment. These companies are special as they provide tools that help others expand their business. Our team helps our mining clients track inventory, along with expenses and income earned, including unpaid invoices. We serve a broad range of manufacturing companies like steel, chemicals, plastic, paper, heavy equipment, and more.


We assure that every stage of the construction process is accounted for, from land acquisition to the finishing touches. This includes PFRS 15, which have an implication on construction contracts. Our team can offer guidance as it involves a more complex structure and follows ups in terms of recognizing the costs and revenues in the completion of the construction contract's performance obligation.

Hotel Industry or Tourism

The auditing of hotels and other tourism hubs requires knowledge of accounting, auditing, and rules of various regulatory bodies. This may include regulations of the Department of Tourism, PEZA, BIR, and others. Hence, we make sure our staff is equipped with the proper information on taxes and other rules governing this industry. Consequently, we do on-site audits for quality assurance. We also provide much-need management advisory and tax services.

Educational Institution

We feel a close affinity for educational institutions because we also believe that knowledge is power. We support their sincere desire to help, and by providing the right monitoring measures, we help them stay on track so they can stick to their advocacies. Our team knows how to account for donations and funds received along with its tax implications, especially if the school is a non-profit organization.

Retail and Wholesale Trading

With the advent of technology and the internet, the face of retail has evolved. Apart from the traditional brick and mortar store, most brands have e-Commerce or online shops. With this innovation, retailers have expanded their target market base. At the same time, more competitors have opened up. With so many things to record, monitor and evaluate, we help our clients track raw materials, import duties, storage charges, freight costs, and other details. This assures that retailers will always have an acceptable profit margin in spite of the changing environment. Our team provides a highly intuitive and adaptive approach that will adjust to the demands of the times.



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